2020 BuilDing Campaign

We are facing big, complex problems. When people and organizations with different perspectives are inspired, empowered, and equipped to work together we often create better solutions.


In the spirit of collaboration, Head Heart & Hands sponsored the THINK CARE ACT Category of Z Hacks (see below). Z Hackers from California and India built 3 BEST WORST apps which is part of the THINK CARE ACT Tools

Z Hacks was a Hackathon created by Santa Cruz Works . A typical hackathon is a live sprint-like design event in which computer programmers and others come together to collaborate intensively on software projects. What was unique about Z Hacks was virtual and inclusive. Participants could code, carve, dance, or sing. 

Head Heart & Hands supported Z Hacks with: 


A 50 minute clinic introducing how we maximize our potential to help drive Positive Change by choosing to THINK CARE ACT with intention. 

Z Hackers were given project ideas

YOU play an important role. Despite or sometimes even because of your unique circumstances, you are positioned to drive Positive Change in your home, community, and world. Are you interested in getting involved as a creator or sponsor? Email hhh4good@outlook.com to learn more.

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