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Head Heart & Hands

provides tools, a language, and training that help people and organizations understand their value and make choices that drive Positive Change.


Head Heart and Hands is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems Inc.

 887 Sonoma Ave #23 Santa Rosa, CA 95404


As humans our outward attitudes and actions reflect our INWARD beliefs and attitudes. Being human, we have the INCREDIBLE ability to grow INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY and maximize our potential to help drive Positive Change by choosing to: 


  • We are unconditionally significant. Our choices impact our relationships, organizations, health, and environment. At our BEST, we are prepared to create solutions to the problems around us. At our WORST, we often add to the problems around us.  

  • We all play an important role in our home, community, and world. No matter what we have been through, no matter what others think of us, our life has value and dignity. Making mistakes does not change our values. Doing good things does not change our values.  Our human value does not change under any condition.

  • Our circumstances do not define us, but they do uniquely position us to make a positive impact Therefore, no matter what success or hardship we are facing, there is an opportunity for each of us to help drive Positive Change in our home, community, and world. 

  • Our story gets better under any circumstance as we grow INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY and become increasingly prepared to use our unique circumstances to make a positive difference.

  • Challenges are an opportunity to grow. With motivation and determination, we can learn from our successes and failures.

  • We are imperfect. Our moment-by-moment decisions affect how our story unfolds. The more we CARE about “Maximizing our potential to help drive Positive Change”, the easier it is to make good decisions and realign when we get off-track.

  • No two people agree on everything. We can learn from others. 

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  • We value growing; maximizing our potential to improve our impact and help drive Positive Change.

  • We value being a positive role model.

  • We value supporting others.

  • We value building healthy relationships.

  • We value creating solutions & winning together.


We maximize our potential to help drive Positive Change by adding intention to:

  • pursuing our goals with determination and respect and compassion for ourselves and others.

  • being self-aware; evaluating our situation and realigning when we get-off-track.

  • using our unique circumstances to create solutions to the problems around us.

  • learning new things; seeking opportunities to improve, welcoming challenges, giving our best effort, reflecting on mistakes, accepting feedback, and trying again.

  • listening and learning from others.

  • prioritizing activities that empower us to THINK CARE & ACT, maintain balance, and build healthy relationships.

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HHH is leading THINK CARE ACT, an initiative that enables diverse organizations to work together with tools and campaigns that inspire  & empower people to understand their value and use their unique circumstances to create solutions that build a better world. 


THE TOOLS: We provide multimedia lessons that include elements that TELL (instruction and research that explain the principles), SHOW (adaptable stories that illustrate the principles), and INVOLVE (exercises and activities) participants. What makes the tools unique is they are affordable and adaptable so they can be used by diverse organizations. Lessons are distributed through workshops, train the trainer programs, and an online portal.


THE CAMPAIGNS: We run interactive campaigns and collaborate with other organizations to help people THINK CARE and ACT with positive intention.

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