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5. Our Priorities


Before Starting

Click here ​ and print Exercise 5a, 5b, and 5c "Our Priorities Matter."

Jar of Life Illustration


  1. What correlations do you see in the jar illustration and real life?

  2. Knowing your time is limited, what benefits do you see in prioritizing activities that you think are most important?

Lesson 5 How Do We Prioritize our Growth?

Is it as simple as following a formula? In this lesson, we are going to explore how …

Our Time is Limited. 


Everyone gets exactly 1440 minutes every day.

Therefore, we need to look at our everyday, ordinary life—as an opportunity to grow.

Image by noor Younis

At Our BEST, we are prioritizing activities that empower us to:

  • Think Care & Act with positive intention

  • Build supportive relationships

  • Maintain balance

Even though our circumstances, things like our age, location, talents, health, and resources affect our options, we are making choices that affect the trajectory of our life.  When we say yes to one thing, it often means saying no to something else.


Things we believe are important, so we make sacrifices to have them in our life now.


Things we think are good and we want them in our life sometime, but we are not willing to make sacrifices to have them now.


Values we think are most important, so when given the choice, we give them more attention.


The things that we let side-track us from giving full attention to our values and ideals.

In life, many things are out of our control.

Things go wrong. We make mistakes. When we encounter challenges, there will be things we can change and things we cannot. How we respond OUTWARDLY reflects our INWARD beliefs and attitudes. So, when things get tough, our priorities matters.

We have a Choice




We can choose to value and prioritize activities and relationships that help us THINK CARE ACT with positive intention, build supportive relationships, and maintain balance.

Choice #2


We can choose to PRIORITIZE things that we may make us look important and/or feel good but keep us self-centered.

Graphics Priorities.jpg
Graphics Priorities.jpg

Let's Get Involved

To better understand how our actions affect our growth, let us consider times we are not at our BEST and develop a strategy for realigning how we THINK CARE ACT with our desire to grow. Do Exercise 4a, 4b, and 4c.  If you have not done so yet click here ​ and print Exercise 5a, 5b, and 5c "Our Priorities Matter."

In a Small Group 


  1. Share what you learned from exploring how you spend your time in Exercises 5a, 5b, and 5c.

  2. Consider how our INWARD attitude and beliefs affect our choices regarding school, family life, drugs, body image, media consumption and more. Discuss why you think it is important to prioritize activities that empower you to THINK CARE ACT with positive intention, build supportive relationships, and maintain balance.

  3. Consider how “Your time is limited.”  Then give each person the option of sharing what are they are willing to do to this week to improve how they 

THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage.

What is our Next Best Step?


Something that makes being human extraordinary is our ability to THINK CARE and ACT. Right now, wherever we are, we can choose to …

Light Bulb Poster


Remember our life has value and we are uniquely positioned.  Learn new things, evaluate our situation, and make wise choices. 

Image by Nick Fewings


Continuously align our moment by moment motivation with our overall desire to use our unique circumstances to help drive Positive Change.

Graphics showing love.jpg


Give our best effort; prioritizing opportunities that empower us to THINK CARE ACT, build supportive relationships, and maintain balance. 

When we get involved, creating solutions to the problems around us, we see our lives have value, and we gain motivation to be a positive contributor. While we cannot erase our past or the consequences that come from it, we can make choices that improve our future. 

By choosing to THINK CARE ACT with positive intention,

we help drive Positive Change in our home, community, and world. As a result, we grow both INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY and become stronger, kinder, and more capable and our story gets better under any circumstance.

Today the complexity of problems is being amplified by a global pandemic and socio-political and rapid technology changes. HHH believes that working together to drive Positive Change, hope will rise.  So, for such a time as this,  Head Heart & Hands has chosen to make its resources accessible on this website. If you or your organization would like to use any of the tools, we want to know. PLEASE honor our efforts and let us know you are using the resources by contacting

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