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are Designed to  Empower You to Help Drive Positive Change by Addressing Human value, not just behavior.

Important Note


For the last 14 years, Head Heart & Hands team has been working donating millions of dollars of in-kind services to create AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE, and UNIVERSAL resources that enable a wide variety of organizations to collectively, yet independently empower people to THINK CARE ACT with positive intention. The THINK CARE ACT program has been designed to so they can be taught using the best of today's innovation or if needed, a stick in the sand. To date, the  TCA resources have been piloted in various forms by schools, community organizations, agencies and children’s homes in California, India, Guatemala, South Africa, Kenya, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Today the complexity of problems is being amplified by a global pandemic and socio-political and rapid technology changes. HHH believes that working together to drive Positive Change, hope will rise.  So, for such a time as this,  Head Heart & Hands has chosen to make its resources accessible on this website. If you or your organization would like to use any of the tools, we want to know. PLEASE honor our efforts and let us know you are using the resources by contacting


The 3-phase THINK CARE ACT Program

Our dreams are the stuff of the heart. Big ideas? They come straight from our heads. And making our dreams become reality is the work of our hands. When our head, our heart and our hands are working together, our “best life” happens.  But we can’t just wait for our “best life” to magically show up! Every time we choose to fold story into a story bigger than ourselves, life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling.


In our daily lives, many things are out of our control. Things go wrong. We make mistakes. When we encounter challenges, there will be things we can change and things we cannot. So, it is easy to lose focus on our goals and dreams. Sometimes it may be life’s circumstances that make it hard to stay focused on what matters. But many times, it is our own selfishness that leads to bad choices. Within a fraction of a moment, we can side-track our dreams by reacting impatiently when someone does not agree with us, giving up when a task is hard, or ignoring the needs of others. 

The Orientation, Development, and Application Phases of the THINK CARE ACT Program are designed to help us understand our value and make choices that help drive Positive Change in our home, community, and world  that enable us to live as Positive Change Agents. 

Orientation Phase

Clarifying our Story

5 lessons that introduce the THINK CARE ACT Principles and help us create an outline for our story

Lesson 1 – Our Life Matters

Lesson 2 – We are uniquely positioned

Lesson 3 – Our Motivations Matter  

Lesson 4 – Our Effort Matters

Lesson 5 – Our Priorities Matter


Development Phase

Becoming a Lifetime Learner

Lessons that that help us gain motivation and skill to help drive Positive Change in our home, community, and world.

Inspiration for the Development Phase

Life Skills for the Development Phase



Principles and illustrations fit every demographic


Personalized media & lessons make it relevant.


Minimal Costs ensure equal access


 Simple, visual, digital, written, and tactile accessibility

Brainstorming with Mask

Application Phase

Living our Best Story

In the context of our real life situations at home, work, and play, we will use the THINK CARE ACT principles to create solutions that  keep our dreams moving forward despite or sometimes even because of our circumstances.

“The questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.”

Leo Babauta


TELL US, we will forget. 

SHOW US, we will remember. 

INVOLVE US, we will understand


Strategically designed to be ADAPTABLE- AFFORDABLE- UNIVERSAL- TIMELESS, the THINK CARE ACT PROGRAM enables individuals, families, schools, businesses, community organizations, and agencies to work together by including elements that:


Gray boxes include logical explanations, research and illustrations that teach timeless, universal principles essential to cultivating growth under any condition.


Yellow boxes include inspiring stories that illustrate how the principles work in real-life situations. If needed, leaders can change the story to fit their audience. 


Black boxes include exercises and discussion questions that enable participants to get involved: evaluating their situation, reflecting on mistakes, and trying again.  

The Big Idea

In life, many things are out of our control.


Things go wrong. We make mistakes. When we encounter challenges, there will be things we can change and things we cannot. How we respond OUTWARDLY reflects our INWARD beliefs and attitudes. So, when things get tough, how we THINK CARE ACT matters.

Something that makes being human extraordinary is our ability to THINK CARE and ACT. Right now, wherever we are, we can choose to …

Light Bulb Poster


Remember our life has value and dignity and we all play an important role in our home, community, and world. Evaluate our situation and make wise choices.

Image by Nick Fewings


Want to help drive Positive Change by using our unique circumstances to make a positive difference.

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Get involved, creating solutions to the problems around us and prioritizing activities that empower us to THINK CARE ACT with intention, build healthy relationships, and maintain balance.

As we grow INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY, it will get easier to understand our value and make choices that keep us aligned to the dreams that matter the most to us. As each of us know more, care more, and do more to prioritize human thriving, our homes, community, and world will be a better place regardless of our circumstances. So, with that goal in mind, let’s start giving our growth, the intention it deserves.

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