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Unifying Language Campaign

Our stories are being impacted. A common language enables us to work together to make empowering growth and respectfully driving Positive Change a corporate and social norm.  

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As Parents, Teachers, & Mentors

Our influence matters. 


Behavior is contagious. In other words, more is caught than taught. Having positive role models and support is essential to our growth. That means we can’t just talk about positive changes, we have to be the change we want to see. 


The more we grow and increasingly understand our value, the more motivated and committed we become to using our unique talents, resources and experiences to make a positive impact. 

Therefore as parents, teachers, friends, and co-workers we need to ask ourselves, “Am I growing and modeling what it looks like to drive Positive Change by choosing to THINK CARE and ACT?"

As Community and Business Leaders

Our influence matters. 

We participate within many organizations.  Through our involvement and leadership in business and community organizations, we define and develop products , services, and programs that shape our society. 

In the words of Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, "If you want to change the government, you have to change the corporations. If you want to change the corporations, change the consumers … Every time we’ve made a decision that’s right for the planet, it’s made us more money. Civil democracy is the strongest force in America by far... When we all start acting like citizens we can turn things around.”  


Therefore as community and business leaders, we need to ask ourselves, “How can we bridge the gap by creating strategies that empower people to drive Positive Change by choosing to THINK CARE ACT with positive intention?"

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As Mass Communicators

Our influence matters.  


We are people of story. When we hear a story, it inevitably impacts our own. Sometimes a story can inspire or motivate us to positive action. At other times, it pulls us down. It saddles us with language we can't block out and images we can't forget. Media, especially well-crafted media, has the power to move us, and that's a good thing. But sometimes, media can move us in directions we don't want or shouldn't go. And as such, we should never underestimate its power. (PluggIn Movie Review


Therefore as media makers, we need to ask ourselves, “What can I do to bridge the gap by creating media that inspires my audience to drive Positive Change by choosing to THINK CARE ACT with position intention?"