Inspiration for the Development Phase 

Ryan Leaf- Finding Purpose


  1. How did Ryan’s life changed when he starting to care about other helping other people and making a positive difference?

  2. Ryan said, “Its harder to ask for help. Its harder to do the next right thing, but when you do the next right thing, good things happen for everybody.” What do you think he meant by that statement?

  3. Review the statistics at, How does choosing to THINK CARE ACT with positive intention help us avoid addiction? How has choosing to THINK CARE ACT with positive intention helped Ryan Leaf and so many others be successful in their recovery journey? 

  4. Like all of us, Ryan has a mixed narrative. In other words, he is imperfect. Recently, he was arrested for domestic violenceWhile we cannot erase his past or the consequences that come from it, how can he continue to grow and make choices that improve his future?

  5. Consider how "Wanting to make a positive difference" helps us realign when we get off-track. Then give each person the option of sharing what they are willing to do to this week to improve how they   THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage.

Before You Call the Cops


  1. Racism can be defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Consider the image below, how can racism limit our understanding of our own human value and dignity? Said another way how can, being anti-racist increase our understanding of our own value and dignity?

  2. How can hearing someone else's story help us clarify our own story better? How can this help us develop respect for ourselves and others?

  3. Give each person the option of sharing what they are willing to better understand we all have value and dignity by aligning how they THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage?

Graphics racism.jpg

You Are More Beautiful than You Think

I should be more grateful for my natural beauty. It impacts the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, and the way we treat our children. It impacts everything. It couldn't be more critical to your happiness … We spend allot of time as women analyzing and trying to fix the things that are not quite right and we should spend more time appreciating the things that we do like. You are more beautiful than you think." 


  1. What benefits do you see in being grateful for our natural beauty and appreciating the things we do like? How could seeing yourself as beautiful positively impact your friendships, career, and family life?

  2. In the second video it says, "Beauty is being strong, and being brave, and being happy with yourself." What is beauty to you?

  3. To improve how you see yourself, what are you willing to do this week to  THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage?

Growth takes time and effort. The Development Phase Phase is designed to help you gain more motivation and skill to use the THINK CARE ACT principles to help drive Positive Change. Life will be our classroom. Following are example lessons designed to inspire. Leaders can adjust the topics to meet the needs of their audience.

As we get involved, creating solutions

to the problems around us, we see our lives have value, and we gain motivation to be a positive contributor. While we will always have a mixed narrative, we can know more, care more, and do more to help drive Positive Change in our home, community, and world. As a result, we grow both INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY and become stronger, kinder, and more capable and our story will get better under any circumstance.

Burger King Bullying Jr.

In a world of diverse human stories, our choices have impact. In the human narrative, we can make choices that create problems. We can also make choices that have the power to create solutions to those problems, big or small. We are part of this bigger narrative.

Our Choices often create SOLUTIONS


When we:

  • Are respectful when frustrated

  • Help someone in need

  • Persevere when a task is hard

  • See the good in someone else 

  • Acknowledge our imperfections and when necessary ask for forgiveness

Our Choices often create 



When we: 

  • Are disrespectful when frustrated

  • Degrade someone struggling

  • Give up when a task is difficult

  • See the bad in others and be critical and harsh

  • Blame Others 


  1. Our rights come with responsibilities. Our right to be respected comes with a responsibility to respect others. Why do you think some of the people in the video demanded respect and then stood by and watched someone else be disrespected?

  2. How does degrading others keep us from growing? How does having the courage to help someone help us growing more caring and capable?

  3. How does our friend group affect how we treat ourselves and others? 

  4. Knowing your life has value and you are uniquely positioned to help drive Positive Change, what are you willing to do today to help drive create solutions to the problems around you by choosing to THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage?

Zander Strodes- How Caring About Sea Turtles Changed His Life

Zander says, "We all want to make changes in the world. Every moment we wake up and you make positive and negative impacts on the world. There is allot going on in the world right now, that make my work with sea turtles seem trivial...There are things going on right now that are insane that really matter...We all need to do something to protect our world and I think the only reason we are ALL not doing something is maybe our lives have become a little too cushy...The real feel of something is when you actually go out there and do it...Look for things to make a difference because I promise you once you find that one thing that grabs you by the hand and doesn't let go, that's the hard part. There are people who have done amazing things, but it all can be traced back to one moment. My challenge to you is to go find that one moment and make a change.


  1. Zander's one moment was learning about sea turtles after getting in trouble for being disrespectful. How did starting to care about sea turtles improve the trajectory of Zander's entire story.  

  2. We all care about something. What moment(s) can you trace it back to

  3. To make a Positive Change in the world, what are you willing to do this week to  THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage?

Stand Together Foundation

Stand Together Foundation partners with the nation’s most transformative nonprofits to fuel their innovation as they lead a movement to build stronger, safer communities where all people can learn, contribute, and realize their full potential. With solutions as unique as the communities they serve, our Catalysts are breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that traps far too many Americans.

In the Stand Together videos, it says,​ "Everybody coming to us already has amazing strength and skill within them. Our job is just to unlock it...All of these organizations have one thing in common, "They believe in the people they serve." That is a powerful concept. This idea that everyone has potential and can contribute and succeed is not new. It is the promise of our country. So, it is time to live up to that ideal. It’s time to demonstrate a more compelling alternative and its that movement we believe that can transform millions of lives but transform the way the entire country thinks about and tackles these problems."

The last video tells the story of Pam who was able to buy a car through On the Road Lending (a Stand Together Foundation Catalyst) and end her 5 hour a day commute. In the video it says, "We are giving people allot with On the Road Lending. But the most important thing we are giving is the gift of time. If a mom or a dad can cook dinner for their kids at night. If their kids can participate in after school activities. If a family can sit down and read those are really important things and that’s the kind of thing we want our families to achieve."



  1. What inspires you about the way Stand Together Foundation is breaking the cycle of poverty? 

  2. What are your ideas for building stronger, safer communities where all people can learn, contribute, and realize their full potential?

  3. To realize our full potential why is it important to be increasingly THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage.

  4. Give each person the option of sharing what they are willing to do to this week to improve how they   THINK- Learn-Evaluate  CARE- Hope- Aim    ACT- Improve-Engage.